La Preste les Bains

Nestled against the southern slopes of Costabonne ( 2465 meters ) and the Canigou ( 2,784 meters), the thermal resort of La Preste will welcomes you in a preserved site from any pollution, to make you discover all its virtues .
Its rich expertise and the quality of its waters, The La Preste Baths allow you to relax and recharge time and rediscovering the sweetness of life .
Its ancient waters have cared for lepers and were recognized as a spa treatment in 1302 , when first written . These seven centuries of experience will ensure you a pleasant stay and enjoy an enchanting site where everything invites you to the nostalgic charm of a homecoming.
Up Vallespir , in a wild and natural Catalan country , you will discover a haven of peace and freshness while browsing the foothills of the Pyrenees or visiting the royal town of Prats de Mollo and strong Lagarde built by Vauban in 1683.
Warm hospitality and friendliness are the hallmarks of a successful stay .


Disease of the urinary tract and metabolic diseases The genitourinary infection is a public health problem . In 1985, in France , 2,000,000 womens and 1,300,000 mens have suffered from urinary tract infections leading to health insurance, at a cost of 1,500 million francs. After diagnosis , despite appropriate medical or surgical treatment , many of these infections will reoffend . Their frequency , these infections, they reach the bladder , kidney or prostate , create a heavy handicap that these patients know too .
The spa at La Preste is the ideal complementary treatment ‘
Infections of man as the woman acute recurrent cystitis . Acute or chronic recurrent pyelonephritis . Acute or chronic prostatitis . Pain urinary sphere : cystalgies Prostatodynies , prostatitis abactériennes Sequelae of urethritis . Lithiasis : Small stones, urinary tract sands. Recurrent renal colic From benign prostatic hyperplasia to non-surgical stage. Of irritable bowel syndrome with or without associated colitis . Overweight , gout, hyperuricemia , hypercholesterolemia, hyperlipidemia. La Preste is the only European thermal resort with indications regarding urinary tract infection.


Crenotherapy to La Preste is also for patients with chronic conditions whose evolution is slow and means in which the drug can be used for too long because of their poor tolerance or temporary effectiveness .
The cure of La Preste is indicated in rheumatic diseases . The improvement in 74 % of patients who perform . Overall improvement of 66% is obtained .

Musculoskeletal disorders : They represent the majority of conditions for which patients use spa therapy , at least as regards the number of attending hydrotherapy spas . Over 66% of them are a cure for this therapeutic orientation.

The first place goes to RHEUMATISMS especially degenerative rheumatism ( arthritis ) . It is a common injury , especially after a certain age and for which no treatment can bring healing . As indicated by the name of ” degenerative ” , this disease has a chronic character essentially by irregular evolving attacks. All osteoarthritis (whatever joint location ) are amenable to crenotherapy .

chronic rheumatism or arthritis of inflammatory origin : They are also concerned but after periods of acute flare-ups .

Also of note suites osteo JOINT , the most frequent are also the responsibility of the spa medicine that benefit from being practiced as early as possible after the accident before installing any complications : muscle stiffness , muscle atrophy , etc. rehabilitation … during the treatment reduces the recovery time of motor activity .
Conclude with the various attacks PERI JOINT type PERI ARTHRIRE which are also shown in the context of the proposed spa
Spa treatment : ” HR ” care techniques :
Conventionally, the cure THE PRESTE lasts three weeks. The drinking cure : Internal effects of drinking cure is mainly by the action of sulfur , calcium and trace elements , a basic element of the spa treatment. Example: sulfur known for its trophic action Fibrolytic , anabolic and stimulating nutrient exchange in osteoarthritis . Baths with or without underwater shower : The action is threefold: analgesic on joint pain, muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory . The jet showers , penetrating or local : they are a powerful stimulant in thermal medicine , accompanied by a circulatory tonic and a phenomenon of nervous tension . Sludge in local or general application ( mud cure ) : These treatments are indicated for the treatment of osteoarthritis or traumatic injuries . The action is clear : pain relief and recovery of range of motion . Underwater massages : delivered by physiotherapists state graduates , these sessions are performed on a massage table , sprayed continuously with ramps and are intended to help penetration in the body elements contained in the thermal water. Treatment areas are specified on the spa doctor ‘s prescription . This technique combines the benefits of thermal water and massage optimizing the therapeutic results. This leads to a feeling of general well-being and a real muscle relaxation.

dual display allows you to treat both conditions simultaneously during the same cure AU + HR